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Apartments in Croatia are a great choice for your summer vacation on the Adriatic. This type of accommodation allows you to enjoy all the comforts of home while away on vacation. Apartments ensure your privacy, give you the freedom to prepare your own meals when ever you feel like it and provide comfortable space to come back to after sightseeing or a day at the beach full of summer activities.Our large selection of apartments has something for everyone's taste. Using filters you can search for different types of accommodation and browse apartments by the sea, those suitable for families with small children, pet friendly apartments, those with internet access etc.Moreover, apartments by the sea in Croatia don't have to be a burden to your vacation budget. With special offers, complimentary days and other special discounts you can find your perfect summer holiday apartment at affordable price.
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How can payment by instalment be realized?

Payment for the rental in Croatia of the selected accommodation unit is split in two parts. The first part is paid in advance when making a reservation of the accommodation unit and the rest is paid on the arrival day of the guests at our agency office or partner agency office which is closest to the reserved facility. In some cases, depending on the contract type signed with the house owners, it is necessary to make the payment of the rest of the amount to the agency bank account no later than 30 – 45 days prior to the arrival of the guests. The advance payment amount is 50% of total arrangement price, and the agency will transfer it to the house owner giro account when the payment settles. In exceptional cases (such as short period reservation or reservation made by guests who need a visa to enter Croatia) it is necessary to pay full amount of the arrangement price immediately to confirm the reservation. The guest will be informed about the amounts of the advance and rest of the payment in the pre-invoice. If the guest wants an “R-1” invoice, it must be stated when making a reservation request.

What is due date for advance payment?

As part of the booking confirmation, the guest is obliged to make the booking payment within 24 hours of receiving the agency quote, and forward the payment confirmation to the agency. (Saturdays, Sundays and state holidays do not apply.) The deadline by which the agency is obliged to keep the demanded dates optioned (available to the guest) is listed on each quote, under 'time of payment.' For 24 hours starting from the moment when the guest fills out and sends the booking request, the selected dates will be withdrawn from the market and the first option will belong to the guest who has made the booking request. The croatian accommodation unit in question cannot be booked by anyone else in this time period. The dates in question will be highlighted in yellow on the croatia 24 agency's website. If the booking payment is made and the payment confirmation forwarded to the agency before maturity, the booked dates will be highlighted in red, and no other booking even partly overlapping with the confirmed dates will be possible for the current season. If the agency fails to receive the payment confirmation by the appointed deadline, the guest will be understood to have given up on the booking. After the deadline has expired, the booked dates will no longer be highlighted in yellow, but be marked as available - on a white background with no highlighting color.

Should the guest contact the facility owner in Croatia before leaving for vacation?

The best way of solving all the possible doubts and questions is by contacting the croatian owner directly. However, we would like to mention that you are not required to contact the owner before going on your vacation in Croatia, it is simply something you can do if necessary.

When does the guest receive a voucher (confirmation of the reserved service in Croatia)?

When the payment is settled (max. 5 working days) to our account or when credit card payment has been authorized we will e-mail you the voucher. The voucher contains all information of the facility owner and the address of the reserved facility, as well as the remaining amount that has to be paid to the facility owner in Croatia by the guest on the day of arrival at the accommodation facility. The voucher must be presented to the facility owner on the day of your arrival. After you pay the rest of the amount, the owner will give you the keys of the reserved accommodation unit. If the remaining amount has to be settled to the agency account, we will e-mail you the voucher when the rest of the amount is credited to our account. The voucher must be presented to the facility owner on the day of your arrival and the owner will give you the keys of the reserved croatian accommodation unit. If the whole amount has been paid at once, we will e-mail you the voucher when the paid amount is settled to our account. The voucher must be presented to the facility owner on the day of your arrival and the owner will give you the keys of the reserved accommodation unit.